Overseas insurance

Overseas insurance

Understanding overseas insurance is essential for expats, whether it be medical, work-related, life insurance, insuring your house or car or taking out special insurance relevant to your lifestyle. Some countries require self-employed expats to insure themselves. All Expatica country sites provide overviews of insurance for foreigners. The bottom line is: insure yourself, your home, car and any other valuable property. As an expat,...

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12/06/2014 Changes to UK pensions 2014 – is QROPS still beneficial for expats?

QROPS for expats - UK pensions Following changes to UK pension legislation in March 2014, financial expert Steven Grover discusses whether QROPS is still a beneficial option for expats living abroad.

01/02/2014 Guide to car insurance

If you have ever taken part in the daily car race into and out of Brussels, then you understand the importance of good auto insurance. Here is the Expatica guide to protecting yourself (and your wallet).

22/01/2014 Planning your retirement in France

Retiring in France: Retirment pensions and finances Carefully planning your finances and retirement pension will enable you to make the most of retiring in France.

09/03/2012 Insurance in Germany

Insurance in Germany Thinking about insurance is something you have to face when settling into a new country. We set out a guide for taking out insurance in Germany.