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31/03/2011Fashion trends for spring/summer 2011

Fashion trends for spring/summer 2011 Personal stylist Carina van der Kloet reports on some of the coming season’s main fashion trends for men and women, as well as styling tips on how to wear them.

Spring is here! So we'll say farewell to the heavy, dark look and welcome light fabrics and sexier looks, something we've all been waiting for impatiently. The spring/summer 2011 season comes with a whole new feeling of optimism, romanticism and flirty, cheerful fashion trends.

Here are some of the coming season's main fashion trends for men and women as well as styling tips on how to wear them. Read on to find out what 2011 has in store for you and get inspired!

Pure, honest, authentic and craftsmanship are important keywords for spring/summer 2011. There's a need for sustainable clothing, distinctive fashion and knowledgeable design. We tend to buy less and spend more per item. This means more style and higher quality. We may be splurging on fewer indulgences, but are choosing stronger statement pieces: Just think "the simpler your look, the more of a statement you make". Less is more. It's all about simplicity.

Claes Iversen, photographer Peter Stigter

 Claes Iversen


White shirt
A crisp, classic and simple white shirt is always in fashion. This shirt can have a casual flair, a more stylish one or be super chic. Make sure the white shirt has an original detail or a modern twist such as puffy sleeves, big cuffs, wide collar, square buttons or appliqués. It just needs a small, unexpected element such as an asymmetrical design.

Full skirts
Full, below-the-knee circle skirts are the trend for spring/summer. These ladylike skirts are often gathered and pleated which looks great on figures with feminine curves, especially if made in stiff material like leather or denim. If your top half appears small, you can combine this 60's skirt with a boat neck top or dropped shoulder line.

Seventies flared pants
Wide-leg pants are feminine and sophisticated. We are seeing clean, yet voluminous silhouettes, especially high-waisted flares, with long legs smartly belted in. This look is great for people with little hip definition. If you have wide hips, you can wear bootleg with a lower waistline in a fluid material which falls nicely around your curves (see picture).


Stripes & Florals
Dominant stripes in navy and white are the look for spring. It's about drawing attention to the stripes.

They can be bold or thin. You can work them into any part of your outfit, for example with a hat, top or blazer (but not all at once, please).

Florals from miniature to large prints are ‘in' this season. We're having a sweet, bohemian spring, with flowers on the fields and on our dresses too. Dresses are maxi, made from sumptuous fabrics in all kinds of hues.

 Espresso (Left) and Joline Jolink "strepen" (right)

The outline of your body tells you about the kind of pattern that is best suited for you. By looking at your body contour line, you can distinguish straight lines and angles or curved and rounded lines.

You want the lines of the pattern to agree with your body features. Stripes fall nicely on straight lines, e.g., flat hips or a squared shoulder line. House of Dagmar

Florals complement curved lines, e.g., full hips, generous bustline and rounded bottom.

Punk influence
Show your wild side! Try to mix punk elements in your wardrobe.

Create a contrast by combining a flirty, feminine look with a punk-rock edge, such as leather details on your dress, a bracelet with studs or combat boots. You can indulge in a few punk details. But don't overdo it.


Modern suit styles

Go for a slim cut, but avoid overly skinny. Unstructured, boxy styles are out of fashion. You should invest in a suit that accents a sense of the masculine, accentuating broad shoulders, a slim waist and slim legs.

Consider a single breasted suit with peaked lapels if you are looking for an extra something in your outfit. We are also seeing double-breasted jackets and coats to highlight a well-worked body, but these should be avoided if you have a belly or a ‘big' figure.


Men's flared jeans

Luckily skinny jeans have had their day and made way for something new: flared pants.

These are slightly wider than the boot cut. With a slimmer thigh and waist, it makes the hemline more defined. This style of trousers is more laid-back and relaxed. When worn somewhat loose, they look great on men with fuller thighs.

 Citizens of Humanity

Motorcycle  fashion
The motorcycle jacket is a big trend for men this spring. It is a statement item and should be in black. On the runways, it was combined with a classy suit or stylish pants. As with women's wardrobes, you can create a contrast between an elegant and edgy style for a distinctive look.

Colors for men and women:
Something bright, something nude
This season get ready to play with extremes! We are seeing fruity, energizing colours that make you stand out in the crowd. So make cheerful colour combinations by, e.g., wearing one coloured clothing piece with a statement accessory in a contrasting colour. Break all unwritten fashion rules and wear bold and clear colour combinations by wearing 3 or 4 different coloured items together such as yellow, green, fuchsia and gold.


At the other extreme we have subtle, soft, second-skin nude shades, such as soft yellow, camel, gray, white and beige. Ton-sur-ton colours create a soft, elegant and feminine look.

Styling tips for men & women:

  • Your patterns and accessories should balance the scale of your body's bone structure and size.
  • For a touch of drama and spice, you can wear one exaggerated detail such as a high collar (well-suited for a long neck) or puffed sleeves (great for fuller hips).
  • This season is all about colour. You can combine colours to create the look of a balanced body. Wear one colour to give the appearance of height and different blocks of colour on a jacket, top and pants to give the appearance of reduced height.
  • Choose your colours based on your skin complexion and hair colour. You want to create balance. Usually, lighter colours look good on blond people with blue eyes. And generally darker colours look best on people with dark hair, eyes and/or skin.
  • Experiment, be creative and pay attention to what makes you feel good when you are wearing your clothes.


Carina van der Kloet, Founder & owner Carina Personal Styling

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0 reactions to this article

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